Promotional Art for World Naked Bike Ride, Manifestación Ciclonudista, and Critical Mass Ciclonudista

Image below from Manifestación Ciclonudista

Image below from Critical Mass Ciclonudista

Drawing of cyclists above by Conrad. GIF image with transparency.

Seattle promo image above by Daniel Johnson

150 x 56 pixels, 16k jpeg

150 x 71 pixels, 21k jpeg

Design by Daniel Johnson


Design by Daniel Johnson

Flash design above by Daniel Johnson/KP. Promotional photo below of AAW As Bare As You Dare Naked Bike Ride courtesy of The Work Less Party of British Columbia and Artists for Peace.

World Naked Bike Ride - Join us on June 12!

Chicago poster illustration by Jungle Queen.

Image above by Daniel Johnson/KP.

Watermark image of bicycle and fist appears courtesy of Terri Sue Webb.

Click here to visit the World Naked Bike Ride website (UK page)

Design by Rainer Liesenfeld