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Work on this page contributed by Conrad and Daniel, except where noted. Web server and additional CGI help provided by Corky. Most of text written by Conrad and Daniel, some text and slogans borrowed from other groups. Drawing of cyclists' rear ends by Conrad. Promotional photo of AAW As Bare As You Dare Naked Bike Ride taken by Steve Kisby and appears courtesy of The Work Less Party of British Columbia and Artists for Peace. Watermark image of bicycle and fist appears courtesy of Terri Sue Webb. Flash ad and web graphics by Daniel Johnson. Traducci\F3n al espa\F1ol cortes\EDa de Luis Salas. Portugues translation courtesy Roberto Soares and Mark. Seattle WNBR 2004 images appear courtesy of JC, Eduard Koller, Richard Cummings, and Dave Lewis Photography. Photos of Apeldoorn ride courtesy of Rob Voss. San Francisco photo by Paul E. Ingraham.

* This ride organized by Manifestaci\F3n Ciclonudista in Spain (Espa\F1a)
** This ride organized by Critical Mass Ciclonudista in Italy (Italia)

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Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.

- Chinese proverb









   Indecent Exposure to Cars: The Story of WNBR

A first look at a new movie about people, suspense, intrigue, love and potential environmental catastrophic collapse.

Our group of highly entertaining movie makers has set upon a world wide mission to interview as many of the WNBR organizers as possible and uncover their personal motives and ambitions for world domination. More info.

   Naked Bicycle People Power!

Learn more about WNBR's history, its message, events throughout the year and how you can get involved here.

   Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions!

“The Auckland World Naked Bike Ride’s purpose was to draw attention to oil dependency and the negative social and environmental impacts of a car dominated culture. Last year 250 Aucklanders were killed by vehicle emissions, and 94 people died in car accidents on the roads of Auckland alone” - Simon Oosterman

(Photo above): Protesters gathered outside a courthouse on 17 Feb 2005 to protest against the arrest of Simon Oosterman (second from left), Auckland's 13 Feb 2005 WNBR organizer. More info at the Enzyme WNBR website.

   Paint your body, kustomize your bike!

Be creative and colorful in expressing yourself! Bodypainting, bike decorating, kustom themes, and other creative expression is strongly encouraged!

Golden Bay riders throw a bodypainting party before their Feb. 2005 ride.

What to wear? Do not fear! The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is "Bare As You Dare"... How bare is that ? How dare is that ?...Its all up to you, you decide what you are comfortable with. No one is exluded or discriminated against based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, or anything else, for that matter!

Find out more about planning your bodypainting party

   Valentine's Day Rides a huge success in 2005!

2005 was the first year of WNBR Valentine's Day Rides. The first cities took place on Sunday, Feb 13, 2005 and took place in Golden Bay, Lake Tekapo, Newcastle, Saint Petersburg (USA) and Tamaaki Makaurau/Auckland.

More info here.

Special Thanks (be sure to see our other endorsements):

WNBR would like to give a big thank you to the friendly people at Clothes Free International for hosting our web site! CFI fully endorses WNBR's global vision of promoting renewable, sustainable energy and asserting our body-positive beliefs with creative and empowering international bike rides!

Work Less Party provided initial funding to get project going