WNBR: Resources : Organizing

Suggested activities & ideas (please share with us if you have suggestions):

Take a look at what other groups have done. What about the different events appeals to you? Location, aesthetics, the environment, the people?

Find local participants and sponsors. Get them to sign-up at this page. Pick up endorsements. Find like-minded local events and groups that are likely to be supportive and attend their events, get their support. Cross-promote. Keep track of your strongest volunteers, and supporters and treat them well! Keep track of these people, they are invaluable. Hang out with them, call them, they are your buds! Find your talent, build on your strengths!

Help motivate volunteers to follow-up on their own personal goals for getting involved with the group. Set up an e-mail distribution group (Yahoo! is popular despite serious problems encountered by many) and keep everybody up to date and on the same page where necessary.

Get other groups to put up links or banner ads to worldnakedride.org!

Scope out a good route and if you haven't already done so, give it a try. Does your route go through or by parks, or other places of interest which might draw appeal to the event? Some may want to end at a fountain or jump in a lake or ocean after the ride. Maybe you want to take pictures or shoot video at certain points that have visual or cultural appeal. Is the route manageable by people with different cycling abilities or for those on rollerblades, rollerskates, or skateboards? Does the area you are cycling through have a history of body acceptance and of previous naked cycling? Are you cycling in certain areas for a particular reason? (the scenary, the crowds) Will the ride be urban or rural? At night, or during the day? Example: Artists for Peace/Work Less Party of Vancouver, BC dipped into a few gas stations and cycled around for a bit addressing those in the station.

Donate your money to WNBR or pull together funds to put an ad in a small local newspaper, quarterlies are great because they are around for a while.

Get a group to help poster the city, and make flyers to give to people on the street. Doing this on your bike or skates can lend a bit of credibility to you. Make them want to take a flyer from you, build interest before you give them a flyer. Consider 1/4 page size flyers photocopied on recycled paper, to save on resources and expenses.

Hold and organize multiple related promotional and art events and parties to build interest in the event. Stage these at local arts community centers to attract participation by others. See below.

Host a poster design party, raise funds for photocopies

Design a t-shirt and get it printed on hemp t-shirts.

Put up your own web site to organize a city ride, submit the link to worldnakedride.org. Do you want to offer translations of certain elements on the site to attract those who speak other languages or reach out to those in other countries?

Prepare a press kit for the media and use it! Make it easy and appealing for the outside media to cover the event.

Design flyers to hand out during the event. Example from Artists for Peace/Work Less Party of Vancouver, BC: (pdf file)

Bring a portable public address (PA) system to greet those on the streets with a message or music. See if you can get others along the route to join in! (It has happened, this is always one of the highlights of the ride). Figure out other ways to engage people in a light-hearted way. People should know you are coming from at least a half block away so they can stop what they are doing and enjoy your performance. Be loud, colorful, and bright. Smile, wave, and engage the people you pass (sounds simple, but it is easy to forget).

Trick out your bike if you wish. Try a colorful flag, spinners, whirlygigs, spoke doodads, flashy materials, tinsel, et cetera. Don't forget your horns, bells, slide whistles and kazoos.

Organize and host a body painting party before the event for those who want to decorate their bodies and/or make their own "minimums" so they feel comfortable enough to go out. Ideas for what to wear

Don't forget your helmet. Check your equipment for safety. Obey traffic laws. Ride appropriately for traffic conditions, and weather. Bring weather gear/clothes or sometype of "minimum" if you think it will be helpful or necessary at some point. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats can come in handy for some.

Document the event with video/film/photography/reports - Be the Media! Share your experiences with organizing with others, so others may learn in other cities. Keep track: how far were you able to go and how many participants got involved? What was the media coverage like? What did you learn from the experience?

Help other cities organize and network! You'll be amazed sometimes... contacting somebody in another city can give you a lead in your own