WNBR: Resources : Organizing & Promoting

NEW! Visit our new wiki site on organizing a ride.

We suggest people take on the following tasks for organizing a successful naked bike ride:

(1) Design a 1/4 page size promotional flyer. This has always been the most important component in the success of our past naked bike rides.

Here's one as an example: 2004.pdf

(Adobe PDF document, 462 kb - feel free to print and use it!)

(2) Decide on a start location.

(3) Tell your friends, co-workers, and family. Those closest to you are often the most likely people to provide support.

(4) [optional] Decide on a location for the bodypainting party before the ride. Many naked cyclists love to get painted or make minimums for themselves before riding. This can be a special event just by itself and can generate a lot of interest.

Help spread the word with these web banners. Try creating your own!

150 x 56 pixels, 16k jpeg

150 x 71 pixels, 21k jpeg

(5) [optional] Decide on a location for the after party following the ride. Naked cyclists love beer.

(6) Get as many web links as possible pointing to http://WorldNakedBikeRide.org Get it on all the regional event calendars.

(7) Distribute the flyers. In the past we have distributed about 3000 flyers per event. For larger cities, we suggest distributing about 5000 flyers. Smaller Bicycle frame flyers also work very well.

(8) Get endorsements from environmental, biketivist, car-free, social justice, and body freedom groups for the regional ride. These can be added to the endorsement list. Which groups endorse the regional ride is entirely at the discretion of the regional riders. We strongly recommend finding any local Critical Mass groups near you to network with and get support from. Many Critical Mass groups have a great deal experience with ride promotion and can make suggestions about where to flyer and where you can find bike racks to put frame flyers on. Ride and work with them to work towards common goals.

(9) See also organizing activities & ideas

(10) Be sure to also read these tips from the pros

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